Rep. Dan McGuire of Merrimack 21 (Epsom and Pittsfield)

Rep. Dan McGuire, who’s running in a three-person primary for two seats in Epsom and Pittsfield (Merrimack 21), served as co-chair for the House Republican Alliance. The House Republican Alliance serves as the conservative conscience of the House on its “pink sheet,” an internal GOP metric distributed to Republicans that recommends for or against bills based on the N.H. Republican Party Platform.

“We argued a lot of pro-family positions on the pink sheet, and I think we did well on most of them,” Rep. McGuire said. “We didn’t get gay ‘marriage’ or our constitutional amendment like we wanted, but other than that, we got pretty much everything.”

Rep. McGuire was also one of the leaders on the House Finance Committee who helped build the $1 billion, 11 percent budget cut that passed the Legislature. The Epsom Republican, who scored 97 percent on Cornerstone’s Families First Scorecard, said it was great that the Legislature was able to hold the line on taxes, but he was disappointed there weren’t more tax cuts. Upon reelection, Rep. McGuire said he’d work toward at least another $400 million in budget cuts to allow for real tax cuts that would benefit New Hampshire’s businesses and families.

During the session, Rep. McGuire was prime sponsor of HB 1585, which reduced the number of annual truck inspections from two to one, saving trucking companies $10 million a year. He also supported bills that would have given more power to family members when dealing with end-of-life issues, but those efforts will need to be continued in the next session, he said.

Rep. McGuire’s prime objective going forward will be to pass comprehensive health insurance deregulation. He said he would sponsor bills to eliminate community rating and guaranteed issue as well as a bill to provide an exception to health insurance mandates so companies that offer plans including all the state-required mandates could also sell plans without them. All of these ideas would drastically decrease the cost of health insurance in New Hampshire.

Rep. Dan McGuire is married to Rep. Carol McGuire, who’s also running for re-election in Merrimack 29 (Allenstown, Epsom, Pittsfield).