Rep. Cliff Newton for Strafford 23 (Rochester Wards 2 & 3)

Rep. Cliff Newton, who finished with a Cornerstone Families First score of 95 percent, is facing Rep. Julie Brown, who voted AGAINST Cornerstone conservatives 85 percent of the time. This race in Strafford 23 (Rochester Wards 2 & 3) is a priority race for Cornerstone since Rep. Newton is exceptional in his support for issues important to families, while Rep. Brown (actual score: 15 percent) is exceptionally poor when it comes to her support for conservative values.

For the past two years, Rep. Newton, a fiscal conservative who has taken a strong stance for property rights, has also supported parental rights, family values and pro-life legislation. His greatest accomplishment was the passage of HB 1551, a bill he co-sponsored that protects property owners from liability when someone gets hurt on their land. This important property rights and personal responsibility law will help prevent frivolous lawsuits against families that own large swaths of land when those families agree to open their lands to other families for recreational use. This law will help keep large portions of New Hampshire open to use by families and other adventurers, even though the land is private, by recognizing that people who go into the wilderness are responsible for their own well being.

Rep. Newton said he believes the Legislature should devote more energy toward supporting responsible parents and less energy toward rewarding bad behavior in the next session. Therefore, welfare reform and reform of the family court system should be among the Legislature’s top concerns in the upcoming session. Additionally, Rep. Newton said he would focus on holding public officials accountable by tightening up the Right to Know law. If reelected, Newton said he intends to attend all session days, support good legislation sponsored by others and vote for good family legislation while opposing bills that hurt families. He will vote for a budget based on real revenue estimates that trims more fat, reduces taxes and helps drive more private-sector job growth, he said.