Rep. Carl Seidel of Nashua Ward 1 (Hillsborough 28)

Rep. Carl Seidel of Nashua Ward 1 (Hillsborough 28), a Public Works and Highways committee member, was also a co-sponsor of the parental notification bill (HB 329) that is now the law of New Hampshire. Additionally, Rep. Seidel was prime sponsor of a bill that would give more time to start-up companies to recover their losses before having to pay taxes on their income. HB 242 increased the amount of losses investors can carry-forward on their business tax returns from $1 million to $10 million. This will very clearly increase the number of people willing to give seed money to entrepreneurs with good ideas, and that will definitely help the economy, he said.

In an ongoing effort, Seidel, who scored 97 percent on Cornerstone’s Families First scorecard, now sits on the commission that studies business regulations in New Hampshire created by HB 248, a bill he co-sponsored. He said the commission has a report due on Nov. 1, which upon reelection he will use to introduce legislation that reduces regulations, improves the business environment in New Hampshire and helps establish a smaller, more efficient state government. He will also work on efforts to require performance reviews for all contractors who do public works projects for the state, which will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.