Rep. Bob Mead for Hillsborough 5 (Mont Vernon, New Boston)

Rep. Bob Mead, a four-time legislator who resigned last term to take a legislative staff position, is running to represent one of the two seats from Hillsborough 5 (Mont Vernon and New Boston) in the N.H. House of Representatives. The Families First Pledge signer is running alongside Speaker William O’Brien, a longtime ally who is also from Mont Vernon.

According to a public letter Rep. Mead wrote to his potential constituents, his belief that “low taxes are the result of low spending,” as Gov. Mel Thomson once said, is “a matter of public record since 2005.” He said low taxes and low spending both result in smaller government, which protects individual liberty.

Rep. Mead also intends to fight for strong family values, parental rights, individual responsibility, personal freedom, fiscal restraint, smaller government, free enterprise and local control, he said in the letter.

“New Hampshire, which in pre-Revolutionary times was one of the first frontiers of opportunity, self-reliance and individual rights in America, now finds itself as one of the few remaining bastions of these ideals,” he said in the letter. “We are the last New England state to stand strong on our right to bear arms, respect our citizens’ choice to wear seat belts and helmets, and promote state sovereignty.”

Upon re-election, Mead wrote that he would continue the work of the previous Legislature to reverse the direction of the big spending, tax raising liberals who were in power for the four years prior. Responsible fiscal management and freedom will guide his thinking, he wrote.