Sen. Andy Sanborn for District 9 State Senator

Sen. Andy Sanborn, an incumbent Families First Pledge signer running for the District 9 seat in the State Senate, stands for traditional New Hampshire values, limited government and free markets. Upon re-election, Sen. Sanborn would represent the communities of Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Jaffrey, Richmond, Troy, Bedford, Greenfield, Hancock, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Peterborough, Sharon and Temple.

Sen. Sanborn is a fourth generation New Hampshire native, who, with his wife Laurie (also a legislator in the N.H. House) of 22 years, has lived in this state his entire life. Few in the State Senate have fought harder to restore traditional New Hampshire values and the natural rights of families in New Hampshire. Sen. Sanborn said he believes that many of solutions we seek come from ensuring everyone has rewarding, gainful employment.

Sen. Sanborn said he could not point to one specific accomplishment that has defined his decision to enter the political arena. Yet, he explained that his traditional New Hampshire Irish Catholic upbringing from a classic blue-collar entrepreneurial family created his foundation of self-reliance, common sense and independence from excessive government to solve problems. He underlined his long-lasting marriage with Laurie as a foundational aspect of his drive and success.

As a N.H. State Senator, Sen. Sanborn said he was proudest of his ability to find common sense, frugal solutions to the state’s challenges. He has worked on efforts to support educational choice, re-construct the relationship between government and the people, and protect citizens’ ability to enjoy their personal religious freedoms, void of government intrusion, he said.

“Upon re-election, it would be my desire to continue the work we did on the Commerce Committee and become move involved in the finance side of legislation,” Sen. Sanborn said. “Protecting taxpayers, families and those who feel they have no voice is paramount to me.”

Sen. Sanborn said he would work to sponsor bills that knock down barriers to health insurance purchases across state lines, reform state operations to cut individual taxes and protect traditional family values.

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