Rep. Marilinda Garcia of Salem (Rockingham 8)

Rep. Marilinda Garcia of Salem served as co-chair for the House Republican Alliance. The House Republican Alliance serves as the conservative conscience of the House on its “pink sheet,” an internal GOP metric distributed to Republicans that recommends for or against bills based on the N.H. Republican Party Platform.

Rep. Garcia, also a Finance Committee member who voted with Cornerstone 94 percent of the time, sponsored economic development, health insurance, pro-life and homeschooling legislation, making her the top candidate for Salem (Rockingham 8), which has 11 candidates running for nine seats.

As a co-sponsor of HB 545, Rep. Garcia helped deregulate homeschooling by repealing the annual reporting requirements of homeschooling parents, granting more oversight over rulemaking, and restricting local communities from making stricter homeschooling laws than the state. She also co-sponsored the parental notification bill (HB 329) and introduced a bill to require abortion statistics to be accurately reported, which passed in limited form. Rep. Garcia said she would work in her next term to make sure New Hampshire joins the majority of other states that require abortion statistics reporting.

Also, while one of her core bills (HB 1642) that deregulated specialty hospitals didn’t pass, Garcia’s effort supporting that bill helped pass the broader HB 1617, which will eventually repeal the so-called Certificate of Need Board that controls the health care market in New Hampshire. Rep. Garcia said she would focus in the next term on making sure the board goes away for good, which would remove the largest regulatory obstacle to free-market development in the health care industry. She also hopes to introduce a health care price transparency bill to make sure patients know the costs they’re facing before they agree to do business with a particular facility.