Support the Viable Fetus Protection Act

New Hampshire is one of the only states where abortion is unrestricted throughout all nine months of pregnancy. New Hampshire deserves better!

The Viable Fetus Protection Act (HB 1680), which would provide protection to viable preborn children, is coming to the House floor with hard fight in front of it. Tell your representatives you want an “ought to pass” vote on HB 1680!

This bill:

  • Protects women’s health and does not prevent emergency care.
  • Provides for the care of preborn children who survive attempted abortion.
  • Leaves the determination of viability and decisions regarding the care of the woman in the hands of the woman’s attending physician.

Say NO to the abortion extremists, and say YES to the Viable Fetus Protection Act! Cornerstone salutes chief sponsor Rep. Keith Murphy and the co-sponsors of this important pro-life, pro-woman, pro-child measure!

See Cornerstone’s testimony on HB 1680.

Send a message to the NH House: Save viable babies!

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