Support Informed Consent for Abortion

Women seeking abortion should be entitled to meaningful informed consent – not by some clinic’s “protocol,” but by legal right. HB 1707 provides for informed consent including a 24-hour reflection period.

  • A woman deserves sufficient information to make an informed choice between giving birth and having an abortion, and she deserves time to think about the information.
  • HB 1707 is consistent with U.S. Supreme Court decisions on abortion, including having a reflection period and providing information about fetal development.
  • The bill does not require any invasive examination of the pregnant woman as part of the informed consent process.
  • The 24-hour reflection period would be waived in cases of medical emergency.
  • A House committee has recommended Interim Study, which would effectively kill the bill for this year. House members can overturn that recommendation.

Tell your state representatives to overturn the committee’s recommendation, and then vote “Ought to Pass” on HB 1707.

Send a message to the NH House: I Support Informed Consent!