Statement on Gender Policy Votes, 2018

The following statement may be attributed to Shannon McGinley, executive director of Cornerstone Action.

We are saddened and disappointed that the NH House put the feelings of a few over the fundamental rights of all NH citizens. The common good was not served today. The House made two mistakes today in passing HB 1319: it forgot that all New Hampshire residents are already rightfully protected under anti-discrimination law, and it refused to acknowledge that HB 1319 is loaded with unintended consequences.

The House also endorsed taxpayer funding of gender reassignment surgery for both adults and minors, by killing HB 1560. This is a threat to religious liberty, for everyone in New Hampshire with conscientious objections to enabling rejection of an individual’s biological sex. It is also an insult to everyone covered by Medicaid who can’t get coverage for medications and procedures unrelated to gender reassignment.

These same elected representatives rejected HB 1532, which would have barred gender reassignment for minors. This means that House members want taxpayers to be forced to participate in irreversible and unnecessary surgery and chemical treatments for minors.


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