Say No to the Beyond Bathrooms Bill

The Beyond Bathrooms Bill (HB 1319) would change the law to put the feelings of gender confused individuals over the rights of all citizens – adding “gender identity” to the list of protected classes in NH law.

Customize and send a message to NH House Representatives using the simple form on this page. Let them know that this bill:

  • Is unnecessary. All Granite Staters, including those identifying as transgender, are protected under existing anti-discrimination law.
  • Violates your rights to safety and privacy.
  • Leads to the erasure of women and girls – their privacy concerns will be ignored, their scholarships and competitive sports at risk.
  • Enshrines in law bad public policies that lead to misguided, permanent damage to children experiencing gender dysphoria.
  • Puts targets on the backs of religious institutions, such as Christian schools and colleges, from those who demand access to dorm rooms and bathrooms of the opposite sex.
  • Denies due process to anyone accused of a civil rights violation, dragging them in front of an administrative panel, not a court.
  • Erodes economic freedom and censors small business owners and their employees.

Send a message to the NH House: No Beyond Bathrooms Bill!

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