Run for Office (Yes, You)

If you’re like us, you’re ready to turn the page on 2021. But unfortunately that won’t be the end of the challenges we’re facing.  We are living in unprecedented times. National and local news is dominated by assaults on our individual liberties. We can no longer trust our institutions or even the rule of law.  We don’t understand the drumbeat of a political agenda that is ever more hostile to people of faith. Even the very institutions we look to for safety and protection are under attack. It is understandable many of us are fearful of what the future holds. It’s even happening right here in our beloved New Hampshire, in our very own towns and schools.

If you’re like many of us, you want to do something to stem the tide, to make a difference. But what? We have the answer. Run. Run for office at the town or county level, run for your school board, run for the state house or senate. Whatever the position, you’ll be in a position to serve and impact your community as never before. 

It’s natural to focus on Washington and national races, but that is not where we can make the greatest difference. The answer starts here, right in our own towns and neighborhoods. Think about how nearly every elected position impacts us. Consider positions such as town clerk, school board members, supervisor of the checklist, library trustee, and more. Every elected position needs an individual of faith and integrity who is prepared to serve honestly and ably. 

And, in a state with the largest representative body of any state in the U.S., think about serving in the legislature as a representative or senator. Never run for office? You’re in great company. In our recruitment over the past two years, we are witnessing something of a revolution. More first-time conservative candidates, people of faith, are stepping up to serve. They’re winning and making a measurable difference in Concord. Because of this groundswell of candidates, New Hampshire was the only state to flip both houses in the last election.  But the tide is only starting to turn. We need many more who are ready to work to secure our future and the future of our children.  If you’ve ever considered how you might make a difference, run and serve.

But you need to decide and act quickly. In the case of a town or school board position, filing deadlines are coming up in just days for spring elections.  Every town and county have their own requirements and election dates. Contact your town clerk, consult your town or county website, or check with your local school district office or website for details on running, available positions, and filing deadlines. Speaking of filing deadline, this is a critical requirement. Know your filing deadline and make sure you meet it. 

If you’re considering  running for the New Hampshire House or Senate, filing deadlines are typically in June.  You’ll find up to date information on state elections, including running requirements and deadlines here. We are a resource and support for principled candidates who share our values.  It’s time for good people of conscience to be front and center in our legislative halls. The values we share are exactly what the world needs — faith, family, freedom. We’ve seen what happens when we give ground to those who would undermine those precious gifts and replace love and grace with condemnation, division, and hate. Turning the tide starts right here, in our own cities and towns. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our future generations to stand up now for what we know is right. Know that you can be part of securing that future and take the first step. 

We are a support and resource for prospective and committed candidates. Please get in touch with us at or call us at 603-228-4794.

If you, or someone you know is interested in running for their local school board, the 603 Alliance is hosting free training sessions for qualified candidates. The sessions will be held from 9-5 on January 15 in Concord, and January 29 in Bedford. For more information, potential candidates should email

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