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Six Republicans Sponsor Bill to Return to Abortion Up to Birth

Just days into the new year, bills are being hurriedly introduced to gut the new Fetal Life Protection Act which protects children starting in their 24th week of development. One such bill is HB 1609, “Relative to the Scope of the Fetal Protection Act.” Notable are the bill’s six Republican sponsors – Dan Wolf, John Graham, Bonnie Ham, James Allard, Brodie Deshaies, and Joseph Depalma IV.

Run for Office (Yes, You)

If you’re like us, you’re ready to turn the page on 2021. But unfortunately that won’t be the end of the challenges we’re facing.  We are living in unprecedented times. National and local news is dominated by assaults on our individual liberties. We can no longer trust our institutions …

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FAQ on Late-Term Abortion Ban

On June 24, 2021, New Hampshire lawmakers passed the state budget, HB 2. Sections 37-40 of the budget enact the Fetal Life Protection Act, or FLPA—New Hampshire’s first ban on late-term abortion. The FLPA has been signed into law and will go into effect on January 1, 2022.

Embracing Emmanuel in Messy Times

Human life is a messy business. As we celebrate Christmas this year, we think again about how God chose to engage in that messiness on a very human level. In the midst of a world marked by powerful kings, God humbly delivered the King of Kings to us as a vulnerable baby, born in the filth of an animal stable. The Nativity, the picture of God’s son as a newborn child lying in a humble manger, is a powerful illustration of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Today is the Feast of Ambrose: A Model of Christian Political Engagement

Today is the traditional feast day of Aurelius “Ambrose” Ambrosius, an ancient church father and bishop of Milan who is recognized as a saint by Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, and some Lutheran denominations. As Ambrose is also one of my personal heroes, I thought I would take a few minutes to give an overview of his life.

Press Release: Cornerstone Files Free Speech Suit Against Exeter School District On Behalf of Student

Exeter, NH – A freshman student at Exeter High School, named in court documents as “M. P.,” has filed a complaint against SAU 16 and the school’s Vice Principal, Marcy Dovholuk, after they punished him with an athletic suspension for expressing his opinions on a cultural issue. The student’s suit was filed in Rockingham Superior Court on Thursday, November 4, through his attorney, Ian Huyett of Cornerstone. 

The GOP-Led House Judiciary Committee Just Voted to Return to Abortion Up to Birth

On September 28, at an executive session of the House Judiciary Committee, two Republican members of the Committee—Rep. Ned Gordon (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton) and Rep. Joe Alexander (Goffstown)—advanced an underhanded plan to destroy the Fetal Life Protection Act, New Hampshire’s only protection for late-term preborn children.  Taking …

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