Legislative Update 05/01/2023: Update on Parental Rights Bill and Chloe Cole’s Visit to NH!

Stand for the Rights of Parents

SB 272 – Action Steps:

1. Contact your representative to vote YES on the bill. 

SB 272 is the Senate version of the Parental Bill of Rights. The House version did not advance. SB 272 has successfully advanced through the Senate for consideration in the House. It includes vital language to ensure parents are kept informed about their children and will help prevent the covert, social gender transitioning of children by public school systems.

Parental rights in NH are in crisis as more and more children are attracted to the false promises of the transgender movement. Many school districts have enacted nearly identical policies based on an ideologically-driven model from left-wing advocacy group, GLSEN, promising to engage in the covert social transitioning of children and to conceal this process from parents. SB 272 will provide needed protections for parents’ fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children without authoritarian state interference that has already caused irreparable damage to many young lives. 

Progressives argue, without evidence, that parents can’t be trusted, and open communication with those legally responsible for their child’s welfare will cause harm. But these assertions are without merit and only serve to undermine parents, their relationship with their children, and their authority under the law. Undertaking such covert actions without the knowledge of parents essentially gives schools sweeping and unprecedented authority to make critical health and treatment decisions for children and appear to be driven more by fact-averse ideology than true concern for the individual child. Loving parents can’t be left out of the equation, and schools should not be making these decisions for emotionally immature and vulnerable children.


SB 272 had a hearing in the House Education Committee on Tuesday, April 18 before an incredibly large audience. During this hearing, we heard several notable testimonies, including testimony from detransitioners Chloe Cole and Katie Lennon. We thank Chloe and Katie for stepping forward to share their brave and compelling testimonies. On Tuesday, April 25, the bill came out of the Education Committee on a tie vote with no up or down recommendation for the House vote. Because of this, the first motion on the floor of the House will be OTP, or Ought to Pass. It is a critical first step for passage of the bill.

We urge you to contact your representatives and ask them to vote yes on the OTP motion of SB 272 to help protect loving parents and vulnerable children throughout the Granite State.

In Case You Missed it: Chloe Cole in New Hampshire

Last week, on April 18, we had a highly successful evening event with detransitioner Chloe Cole. The event featured a discussion with Chloe Cole and Dr. Carrie Mendoza, Director of FAIR in medicine, a professional network advocating for ethical standards in medicine. Over 300 individuals attended to hear Chloe’s story and her advice to how we can prevent more children from suffering as she did.

You can find a recording of the full event here, which began with a standing ovation for Chloe. While it is a long recording, we encourage you to listen, even if you don’t watch, so you can hear Chloe’s compelling story.

After it was abruptly cancelled by the Holiday Inn, Senator Keith Murphy bravely and generously stepped up to host our event at his restaurant and event center, Murphy’s Taproom and Carriage House in Bedford. Sadly, but predictably, he has paid a price in negative reviews. We are extremely grateful and encourage you to thank Sen. Murphy for his bravery by leaving a positive review on his Google and Yelp review pages and stopping by for a meal to support his business. We also want to extend a special thanks to our partner, Do No Harm, in bringing Chloe to the 603.

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