How We Keep You Informed of Legislative Events – Get to Know the Process

In the past we have received questions about the timeline for our Legislative Updates and why information about upcoming hearings and votes is only released the Saturday before they occur. Here’s the timeline behind our weekly emails:

Thursday evening or Friday morning of each week, both the New Hampshire House and Senate release their weekly calendars. These calendars let all legislators, as well as any NH citizens who read them, know what bills in the upcoming week are being heard or voted on by a committee, or by the full House or Senate.

So, it isn’t until Friday morning that we are able to go through these calendars to determine if any of the bills we have been tracking are included. As soon as we do, we put together our Legislative Update for the week to inform all of our subscribers of any upcoming hearings or votes and what our recommendations are regarding calls to action. This isn’t a simple information transfer, but a process of reviewing, analyzing, and determining what is our best recommended course of action.

We send our Legislative Update out early Saturday morning to give all of our subscribers as much notice as we can of upcoming hearings. We understand the frustration with what is just days’ notice of important hearings. However, the timing is really driven by the late-week calendar release by the General Court and our due diligence in reviewing it.

If you are interested in direct access to the weekly NH House and Senate calendars, you can subscribe here.

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