Add your voice: NO on gender identity bill, therapy ban

Tell your Senator NO on Gender Identity Bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee has recommended Interim Study on the gender identity bill (HB 1319). The full Senate will vote on it Wednesday, May 2 or Thursday, May 3. 

Take Action

Contact your Reps to STOP Therapy Ban

The Senate passed HB 587 with an amendment, and so the bill will go back to the House. The House will vote on May 2 or 3 on the Senate changes whether to “concur” (which will send the bill to the Governor’s desk) or to form a “committee of conference.”

Take Action

  • Call House Majority Leader Dick Hinch at 603-271-3665, and encourage him to do whatever he can to unite the House majority to prevent HB587 from passing.
  • Contact your state representatives (contact information HERE) and ask to vote NO to a “motion to concur” and YES to a “committee of conference” on HB 587. Phone calls are most effective.
  • Call Governor Sununu at 603-271-2121 and express your opposition to the therapy ban bill (HB 587) in any form.
  • Read Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender and Cornerstone’s Briefing.