Legislative Priorities

Cornerstone Announces Legislative Priorities for 2018

Cornerstone Policy Research is dedicated to this vision, backed by supporters statewide: a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Cornerstone Action, the public policy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research, works in Concord to bring that vision to life. With that goal, we are pleased to announce our legislative agenda and priorities for 2018.

We recognize the dignity of each human being, created male or female.

  • Defend equal rights for all, and oppose creation of special rights based on subjective “gender identity” (HB 1319)
  • Oppose therapy bans relating to talk therapy, thereby defending the rights of licensed counselors and the privacy of the therapist-client relationship (HB 587 and SB 224)
  • Support legislation to hold medical professionals responsible for the chemical and physical castration of minors in pursuit of gender reassignment
  • Support the right of taxpayers not to fund gender reassignment procedures (HB 1560, SB 331)
  • Support the right of parents to be informed by school officials of issues related to children’ health

We support public policy that affirms the value of human life. 

  • Support the collection of abortion statistics (HB 471)
  • Support the Abortion Information Act (HB 1707-FN)
  • Support the Viable Fetus Protection Act (HB 1680-FN)
  • Ensure that a measure claiming to be about “privacy” (CACR 16) would not enshrine in the state constitution a right to abortion
  • Support the right of taxpayers not to fund abortion providers or procedures
  • Oppose a “study” that would open the door to assisted suicide in New Hampshire (SB 490)

For the benefit of children in New Hampshire, we support educational choice.

  • Support education savings accounts (SB 193)
  • Monitor education bills to maximize schools’ accountability to parents
  • Monitor education bills to maximize autonomy for homeschoolers and non-government schools, consistent with a beneficial environment for students

Support a culture of life, family, and religious liberty.

  • Work with allies to oppose human trafficking, and oppose taxpayer-funded study of decriminalization of prostitution (HB 287)
  • Support conscience protection for health care providers (HB 1787-FN)

Cornerstone will weigh in on other legislation and executive action, consistent with these priorities.