Guide to Absentee Ballot 2020

Your questions on voting absentee in New Hampshire answered


Alternatively, You can check with your local clerk to see if you are registered.

You need to request to vote absentee by filling out an absentee ballot application. There are 5 qualifications to vote absentee, one of which is COVID -19 concerns (If you are requesting an absentee ballot due to COVID-19 concerns be sure to select appropriate box on the application).

We are encouraging voters to request their absentee ballot NOW from their local clerk. Voters can request, fill out, and return their ballot in a single trip at their clerk’s office once ballots are available, or download the below application to fill out at home and submit to your town clerk.  


(print the two-page form and then submit to your town or city clerk

NOTE:  On the application, P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable and the application must be signed. 

If you have questions when filling out the application, contact us! 

Absentee ballot requests should be made as far in advance of the election as possible, to allow for possible delays in mail delivery and to allow your town or city clerk to confirm your voter registration. Note that an absentee ballot application is not an absentee ballot. The process of applying for a ballot is separate from actually filling out and submitting a ballot.

Absentee ballots can be requested up until 5:00 PM the day before the election (although it is not advisable you wait until then!) A ballot request may be submitted in person, through the mail, or by fax.  

Once you have filled out the application to request an absentee ballot, you can check the status here

Once you have done your research on your candidates and know who you are voting for, you are ready to complete the ballot!

  • When completing ballot itself, read the instructions carefully. 
  • After filling out your ballot votes, insert your folded ballot inside the smaller, ballot envelope and seal.
  • You must sign the small ballot envelope or your vote will not be counted. 
  • REMINDER: COVID-19 concerns count as “physical disability” & you can write in “COVID” 
  • Place your sealed and signed ballot envelope inside your outer envelope and get ready to submit!  

For more help, contact Cornerstone. 

  • Return your completed ballot to your town or city clerk either in person or by mail. A “drop box” at town or city hall does not constitute delivery for a ballot. 
  • If submitting by my mail, allow sufficient time for delivery. If submitting in person, make an allowance for possible long lines.
  • If a family member submits your ballot for you, the family member will have to fill out an affidavit.
  • If submitting in person, be prepared to show ID.
  • If you are a military member or overseas citizen, absentee ballot procedures are available through the Federal Voting Assistance Program. 
  • If submitting your ballot in person, do so no later than 5 p.m. on election day.


In order for your vote to be counted your ballot must arrive at your clerk’s office by Election Day (Nov 3rd) 

An absentee voter may also hand-deliver their ballot at the polling place on Election Day. Personal ID required if delivered in person at Town Clerk Office and at polls. 

If mailing your ballot, we recommend mailing your completed ballot no later than October 23rd


Delay is not advisable. Be certain that the ballot has been received by the town or city clerk by 5 p.m. on election day. 

You can track your ballot here