2023 Legislative Session

To see what bills and hearings are coming up, and what actions you can take, click on the legislative update below for the current week. Your voice is critical in our efforts to promote foundational values. 

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For instructions on how to sign in and submit written testimony on a House bill go here. For instructions to do the same for the Senate, go here. For instructions on how to testify on a bill in person, read our blog post.

New Hampshire House Votes Against Parents

This week, the New Hampshire House voted against SB 272, the critical Parental Bill of Rights. The Senate version of the bill included vital language that ensured parents would be kept informed about their children and would have helped prevent the covert, social gender transitioning


Breaking: Senate Votes to Kill Abortion Bill

Today, we give thanks that House Bill 224 was killed by a Senate vote of 14-10, along party lines, allowing New Hampshire’s Fetal Life Protection Act to remain in place. This was a battle that New Hampshire’s pro-life community never should have needed to

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