2021 Legislative Session

Announcing New Procedures for Public Testimony in Committees

Due to COVID restrictions, new online procedures are in store for members of the public who wish to testify to New Hampshire legislators on bills in the 2021 session.

While in-person testimony is not allowed at this time, you will still be able to register your opinion remote. 

It is imperative that concerned folks, like you contact committee members and show up.  

Signing in for these is essential to be counted and to have the opportunity to speak. 

To see what bills and hearings are coming up, and what actions you can take, click on the legislative update below for the current week. Your voice is critical in our efforts to promote foundational values. 

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Legislative Update: Life and Liberty Bills Await Vote

HB 542, The Religious Liberty Act STATUS: Last Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on HB 542. The bill is now awaiting a vote by the committee. CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone SUPPORTS HB 542. If passed, this bill would protect houses of worship in


Legislative Update April 19th

Week of April 19, 2021 Take Action to Protect the Preborn Today! Update on Recent Legislative Action Bills we have been following, that are now on to the next steps. Your voice still needed and still matters!  HB 625-FN, The Fetal Life Protection Act


Legislative Update March 22

What We’re All Up Against in 2021In short, the voices of citizens fighting for faith, family, and freedom are being drowned out by those committed to overturning the very foundation of our governance and way of life. With the legislative landscape looking very different this year


Legislative Update March 15

 Week of March 15, 2021 Next House Session Scheduled: Next House Session scheduled for April, 7, 8 and 9 at the Bedford Sports Complex. The crossover deadline is April 9th. House Judiciary Committee Votes in Favor of Civil Liberties! Update on Recent Legislative Action


Legislative Update March 8

Week of March 8, 2021 This Week: Gender Bill to be Heard by Education Committee HB 136, requiring schools to update documents and software to include the option of identifying a student as non-binary WHEN: A hearing on HB 136 is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9,

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