2020 Legislative Session

To see what bills and hearings are coming up, and what actions you can take, click on the legislative update below for the current week. Your voice is critical in our efforts to promote foundational values. 

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Legislative Update February 24th 2020

Week of February 24-28 What’s in this issue: The House and Senate are off, but some key education bills are facing committee votes this week. Continued tracking of important legislation we’re following. Key Legislation We’re Following HB 1251, Participation in school sports for female student


Legislative Update February 17

Week of February 17-21, 2020 Key Takeaways: Full House is meeting this week. Votes expected on putting abortion into NH Constitution (CACR 14) and legalization/regulation of marijuana (HB 1663-FN) among others. Details in this update. Senate committee will hold a hearing on a bill to


Legislative Update February 10th

Week of February 10-17, 2020  Key Legislation: HB 1659-FN, Physician-assisted suicide CACR 14, abortion in state constitution, report on committee vote Updates on other legislation including born-alive protection, prenatal non-discrimination, and women’s sports BUT FIRST, A Note from Cornerstone on WHY Your Voice Is


Legislative Update January 27

There are many important bills being introduced in this year’s legislative session. We are sharing our latest legislative update to help keep you informed. Chances are one of these bills impacts you personally. Please take a moment to review! (Photo Credit: Beth Scaer) Key