2014 Families First Legislative Priorities

  1. Work to put an end to human and sex trafficking in New Hampshire through awareness and legislation.
    • Objective: Promote legislation that cracks down on sex trafficking.
    • Objective: Sponsor legislation that allows for a woman unwillingly sold into prostitution through human trafficking to report her exploiter and not be charged criminally as a prostitute.
    • Objective: Protect those that report their stories through strengthened legislation.
    • Objective: Pass a bill that protects the dignity of human life by cracking down on exploitation and increasing support services for abused women.
  2. Protect New Hampshire’s purity through preventing expanded gambling in New Hampshire.
    • Objective: Support legislation that protects New Hampshire’s purity by not allowing casinos to be built in New Hampshire.
    • Objective: Spread awareness on the issue of expanding gambling and the harmful effects it would have on New Hampshire families.
  3. Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death.
    • Objective: Protect parental notification from repeal.
    • Objective: Oppose any and all bills that legalize physician assisted suicide.
    • Objective: Require abortion clinics and hospitals to report abortion statistics, which would add New Hampshire to a list of 46 other states that require such reporting.
    • Objective: Advance support for the Women’s Right to Know Act, which would require physicians to provide a women considering the procedure with medically accurate information about her child and the method that she is choosing as well as the long-term risks.
    • Objective: Pass the “Abortion Drug Safety Act” which would add New Hampshire to a list of 40 other states that require a prescription for drugs such as RU-486.
  4. Restore the natural right of parents to determine the best way to educate, raise, and care for their children.
    • Objective: Create legal safeguards to ensure that both parents’ rights are protected in the case of divorce.
    • Objective: Require legal safeguards to ensure that parents’ due process rights are protected in cases involving their children and the Division of Children, Youth and Families.