fetal homicide

Retained Bills Coming to N.H. House in January

November 17, 2017

New Hampshire House committees have made their recommendations on bill that were retained for study earlier this year. Each of these bills will be voted on by the full House early in 2018. HB 287, Study Changes to Prostitution Laws in New Hampshire: The House committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety approved an amended […]

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Testimony on Fetal Homicide, SB 66 (2017)

March 22, 2017

Testimony delivered by Shannon McGinley for Cornerstone Action. Cornerstone Policy Research and its public policy arm, Cornerstone Action, represent New Hampshire residents supporting public policy that strengthens New Hampshire families. Cornerstone continues to support fetal homicide legislation. We consider SB 66 an encouraging start toward a fetal homicide law. New Hampshire is one of very […]

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Fetal Homicide (HB 156, 2017)

February 15, 2017

Cornerstone has actively supported fetal homicide legislation in the past, seeing it as an appropriate way to recognize the loss of life sustained by women whose wanted preborn children are killed by the bad action of a third party. This session, we ask you to recommend Ought to Pass on HB 156. This legislation would […]

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Fetal Homicide Bills Considered Again

February 9, 2017

Fetal homicide legislation is once again up for debate in Concord, and Cornerstone has once again gone on record urging legislators to pass this important measure. Most recently, Cornerstone submitted testimony to the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in support of HB 156, whose chief sponsor is Rep. Jeanine Notter (R-Merrimack). Fetal homicide […]

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Cornerstone supporting five 2015 NH pro-life bills at hearings this week

February 8, 2015

Representatives of Cornerstone Action will be in Concord in the coming days to support five much-needed measures relating to the life issues. We encourage the House to pass each of these bills. Repeal of the “buffer zone” law (HB 403). This blatantly unconstitutional law is already tied up in federal court. The law makes all […]

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House & Senate to Meet 6/27 for Veto Overrides: School Choice, Partial-Birth Abortion, Fetal Homicide

June 22, 2012

Cornerstone is calling for phone calls and emails to state representatives and senators in advance of “Veto Day,” Wednesday, June 27, when the New Hampshire House and Senate will meet to consider overriding numerous vetoes from Gov. Lynch. We urge YES on these overrides: School Choice.  HB 1607 and SB 372 establish tax credits for […]

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Cornerstone supports bills on fetal homicide, school choice, and a ban on partial-birth abortion

May 30, 2012

(CONTACT: Ellen Kolb, Cornerstone Vice-President for Government Affairs, 603-321-2703, ekolb@nhcornerstone.org) Governor John Lynch should be seeing some important bills on his desk soon, after votes Wednesday morning in the New Hampshire House. Pro-choice and pro-life New Hampshire residents can agree that a woman who chooses to carry her child should have that choice respected. Governor […]

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