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Date postedSeptember 4, 2012
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Cornerstone’s 2012 Families First Voter Guide presents information that should help you choose the best conservative candidates in your district(s). The Guide compiles scores from the 2011-12 Cornerstone Scorecard (for incumbents only) and makes note of whether each candidate has signed and returned Cornerstone’s Families First Pledge.

Note: In 2012, Cornerstone is only providing the Republican primary voter guide because, although invited to do so, not a single Democrat signed Cornerstone’s Families First Pledge. In addition, no Democrat scored higher than 40% on the Cornerstone 2011-12 Scorecard—a woefully inadequate score. Therefore, Cornerstone made the decision not to expend resources on compiling a Democratic primary voter guide. The upcoming General Election Voter Guide, however, will include all candidates for office.