Cornerstone calls on Democratic leaders to denounce ‘Blue Hampshire’

Manchester, NH – Today, Blue Hampshire, the leading New Hampshire “progressive” blog for liberal and mostly Democratic activists posted an entry by one of its editors on the front page in which it refers to several Nashua area State Representatives as “rotten bastards”, “pissants”, “evil”, and “arrogant” because they are sponsors of HB484 which would require random drug testing of food stamp program participants.

Blue Hampshire has received both local and national prominence over the past few years, and has become a haven for liberal activists and candidates alike.  Frequent posters include current and past NHDP chairmen, Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan.  The blog has also been used by former Congressman Paul Hodes, former congressional candidate, Annie Kuster, as well as other elected state officials.

Commenting on the latest inflammatory post from Blue Hampshire was Cornerstone Action director, Kevin Smith:

“As someone who has been the frequent target of hateful rhetoric posted on this website, while this latest entry is hardly surprising, it goes beyond the pale of what any reasonable person should accept as appropriate.  Still, the question remains, why are so many prominent liberal and Democratic activists continuing to validate this site’s content by being frequent users of it? Today, I call on the leaders in New Hampshire’s ‘progressive’ movement to denounce Blue Hampshire’s use of such inflammatory rhetoric and pledge to no longer use the site should such discourse continue to be permitted.”

In related news, in an effort to increase the level of civility and respectful discourse, this evening Cornerstone along with are co-hosting the first (in NH) of several “living room conversations” that are taking place around the country.  The invite-only discussion, organized by two former Londonderry High School classmates, Elisa Batista and Kevin Smith, will bring together about a dozen New Hampshire citizens from across the political spectrum, to discuss the issue of climate change.  The event, hosted by Valerie and Scott Earnshaw of Bedford, is designed simply to facilitate a meaningful and respectful conversation on an issue that has attracted varying viewpoints.

Cornerstone-Action is the legislative and issue advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.

Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit education and research organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.

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