UShareNH.  Loving one’s neighbor is an essential part of our faith.  When Jesus was asked the question of “who is my neighbor,” He answered with the story of the Good Samaritan (Lk 10:30-37).  As we look carefully into this parable, and then take a look at western Christian Culture, we see the need for change.  Oftentimes, though, when we want to help others, we don’t know who is in need nor do we know whom to contact.  UShare was created to bring these community connections on behalf of our neighbors in need.  It is an innovative web-based tool designed by two New Hampshire pastors and is available to all free of charge.  There are three simple steps to getting involved with UShare either as an individual, family or as part of a larger community organization.  Pastors, in particular, should consider how UShare could help meet their mission objectives.

Click here for a brief powerpoint explaining how UShare works.

The first step is to register! It only takes a few minutes to fill out your member profile.  There are two important pieces of information in your member profile beyond name and email address:  what kinds of needs do you want to be informed about, and how far are you willing to travel to help meet a neighbor’s need.  Based on that information, you will receive an ActionAlerts when a need is posted that intersects your criteria. What that means is you will only be notified about  needs you choose to be informed about.  You can go back at any time and edit your profile.  There is never an obligation with UShare.  You just agree to be informed.

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The second step is to wait for an ActionAlert. Needs are posted to our system by our UShare Managers.  Managers are social service workers (very broadly defined) who are working with neighbors in need and have gone through our Manager’s Training.  Managers may work for a community nonprofit, be a leader in the Faith Community or a social worker for a government agency.  We purposely designed UShare with this layer of accountability, and confidentiality, to best protect our network’s generosity and serve our neighbors truly in need.  We hope one day UShare will be like the Verizon Network for every social worker in the state – “Can you hear me now?”

As soon as a post is made, an ActionAlert is automatically generated and goes to members of the UShare Community.  If you receive an ActionAlert, that means a need has been posted that you said you were interested in knowing about.  You will be able to ask questions or volunteer right away to meet the need or a portion of the need.  In some cases, our UShare Managers will spearhead a team response.  In the end, a plan is made to meet the neighbor’s need.  Client confidentiality has to be respected for long term success of this project and nobody knows better than the manager working the case.

The third step is when “U-Share”! The final step is when the plan gets put into action.  Once completed the UShare manager will send “Kudos” via email to all who received the original ActionAlert – a salute to those who met the need with the effect of encouraging others to step up in the future!

That’s UShare in a minute.  Why not register to become a member now?

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