2015 Families First Legislative Priorities

1) Protect religious liberty for all people of faith in New Hampshire.

  • Affirm the rights of pastors and churches to practice their faith without state interference
  • Repeal the so-called “buffer zone” law, which if enforced will treat prayer on public sidewalks as unlawful

2) Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death.

  • Protect New Hampshire’s parental notification law
  • Repeal the “buffer zone” law
  • Through legislative and/or administrative means, establish a state program for the collection of abortion statistics
  • Monitor legislation regarding end-of-life care to guard against legalization of medically-assisted suicide
  • Pass a fetal homicide law

3) Protect the rights of parents to determine the best educational setting for their children.

  • Prevent state imposition of Common Core standards on local districts and homeschooled students
  • Require election rather than appointment of members of the New Hampshire Board of Education
  • Promote protection of student privacy
  • Require transparency and public accountability regarding student assessment methods

4) Support fiscal policies that strengthen New Hampshire families and respect the needs of small business owners.

  • Work with a broad coalition of New Hampshire groups to keep New Hampshire casino-free
  • Support right-to-work legislation and resist policies that require payment of agency fees as a condition of employment